4 List of Toyota Electric Car on The Market

Toyota is one of the biggest international auto makers. Based on Japan, this auto maker has many innovation in their line up. As electric car has become more well-known, Toyota also produce electric car. There are more than one Toyota electric car released on the market. Each of them may hit or miss but for the overall success, Toyota has made their name in electric car class with their innovative technology and good quality. Here is some of Toyota electric cars that have been released on the market.
4 List of Toyota Electric Car on The Market
4 List of Toyota Electric Car on The Market
1. Toyota iQ EV
One of the newly released electric car is Toyota iQ EV. Toyota iQ EV is a compact electric car that is claimed to be engineless. It is because the compact electric motor is placed in a way that does not hindrance the space of the car. Surprisingly spacious leg room, the car is super stylish with blue tinted interior that matches the exterior of the car. The four seat of the car fit enough to this compact car. The size of the car makes it easier to park the car in limited car space, a quality suitable for urban life. Toyota electric car iQ EV is the best choice for personal car in the city.

2. Toyota i-Road
Toyota i-Road matches the definition of innovative design. The car is absolutely unique with design unlike any other electric car on the market. Designed to be an effective, easy to ride and park car, Toyota i-Road comes with two seats and small, sharp body. The frilly wheel is something that people never found in any car in the world. Super unique, the car is also powerful with electric motor of lithium battery that can run up to 50 km in one single charge. The slim and compact design makes the car easy to maneuver, able to slip in the slightest space of parking lot. This Toyota electric car is a combination of car and motorbike in order to cut the size to meet the demand of crowded and fast-paced urban life.

3. Toyota Prius Hybrid Car
Toyota Prius is one of the earlier and most famous electric car ever released by Toyota. Hitting the bestseller for long time in United States, Toyota Prius is the definition of a beauty and economical car. The epa score of the car is impressive with 56-60 mpg of total score. The range of the car is also pretty impressive. It can reach up to 300 miles. This Toyota electric car also comes with petrol powertrain as alternative. This is definitely one of the best Toyota car ever released.

4. Toyota Avalon Hybrid
Another hybrid version of Toyota car is Toyota Avalon Hybrid. The car fuel efficiency is next to Prius that still hold the first place of being the most economical. The epa score of Toyota Avalon Hybrid is 40 mpg in city and 39 mpg in highway. Compact and sharp, Toyota Avalon is also one of the more fierce designed car. With low roof and long body, the car speaks of speediness that can match its regular gas car counterpart. This Toyota electric car can be alternative car for city ride.

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