Electric Cars vs Gas Cars in Comparison

Gas cars are vehicles people been using for ages until electric car is invented. While gas csr is powered with gasoline or petrol while electric car utilize electricity as power resource for the car. Both of the cars have their own plus and minus and some people also stay using gas car even though electric car is slowly replacing gas car. What are the differences between electric cars vs gas cars? Let's check the explanation below.
Electric Cars vs Gas Cars in Comparison

  1. Difference In Engine
The first stark difference between gas car and electric car lies in the engine of the car. Gas car usually is powered with petrol engine with certain capacity of tank or powered with diesel. The engine type is also more various compared to electric car. While electric car mostly powered with electric motor with only few tweak of innovation coupled with lithium battery. Instead of the type of engine, in the electric car, the voltage input is more important. The higher the voltage, the longer the car needs to be charged but also the more durable and longer the range limit is. For electric cars vs gas cars engine difference, gas car engine needs thorough maintenance while electric car does not.

2. Exhaust Production

The traditional gas car product exhaust as the result of gasoline use in the car. Only 10 to 20 percent of gasoline is made into energy while the rest will be in the form of exhaust. As for electric car, more than 50 percent of the fuel is converted into energy, electricity is smoke less and does not produce exhaust. Thus, electric car is more green and environmentally friendly compared to gas car. The fuel efficiency score of electric car is also higher than regular gas car.

3. Difference Limit Range

When it comes to electric cars vs gas cars in term of limit range, gas var has the upper range because the fuel last longer for longer distance as well. Not to mention there are more gas station compared to electric outlet to recharge electric car. In one single charge, electric car usually can reach 50 to 100 km of limit range, while gas car can reach longer as long as the tank is full. This is the reason why pure electric car is not commercialized too often and is combined with gas power to form hybrid car instead.

4. Difference in Price

The price between electric cars vs gas cars is also different. As electric car usually has the advantage of fuel efficiency and do not produce air pollutants, the price of electric car is higher compared to the gas car counterpart of the same model. Many auto makers provide two version of engine of the same model of car for comparison. The high price of electric car is also the reason why it has not taken the place of gas car yet as the main source od transportation.

There are many differences between electric cars vs gas cars and sure none of them are utterly perfect. It will be up to customers choice to choose between either electric car or gas car as their main vehicle for daily transportation.

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