List of Popular Electric Car in India

India is one of the biggest contributors in the development of transportation industry. Some of the improvement and attachments of electric car is made by Indians. Unfortunately due to the nature of English market. Still, some of the local products become most favorites among popular electric car in India. Some of the cars listed here is compiled based on customers satisfaction on the products.
List of Popular Electric Car in India

1. BMW i3 Electric Car
BMW not surprisingly has entered the Indian market with positive responses. Many Indians bought the car and consider the car as one of the best hybrid car. The car is powered with electric motor of 25 kWh. It can run up to 50 kilometres in one charge. The economical reason that also makes this car famous is their fuel efficiency. The EPA score of the car can reach up to 50 mpg for the combination score. Not only the specification is flattering, this electric csr brought look that is in par with their regular counterpart. Made of aluminum and carbon polymer with combination of black and other colors makes this car look fabulous.
2. Tata Megapixel
One of popular local electric car in India is Tata Megapixel. Tata Megapixel is a local car produced by their very own automaker, truly the product of India. Powered with lithium ion battery and electric motor, the car can reach up to 100 km mileage in just single charge. Highly economical, many customers choose to buy this local product instead of the imported one. The design of the car is compact and futuristic with four seats capacity. The interior is as fresh as dew with luxurious leather board that is on par with international car.
3. Nissan Leaf Hybrid Car
Another car whose sale hits the roof in India is Nissan Leaf Hybrid Car. Nissan Leaf Hybrid car is powered with 80 kWh of electric motor using lithium ion battery. The engine can produce 107 horsepower. The best thing about the car is the fuel efficiency that makes the car very economical. Reaching to 100 mpg score, the fuel management is very efficient. It can reach 75 miles of distance in a single charge. To be fully charged, it needs 8 hours of charging. With efficient fuel and economical use, Nissan Leaf is one of favorite electric car in India.
4. Mahindra Reva E2o
Local product again made the appearance as one of people's favorites of car. Mahindra Reva E20 is a hybrid car powered with electric motor with lithium battery. The car can reach 100 km in one single charge. Considering the car is a local manufactured rather than an international issued, Mahindra Reva E2o is very impressive. The fuel efficiency is excellent and is better than some cars issued by international auto makers. Coming with super affordable price, it is no wonder that this car is one of top electric car in India.
India is one of thr countries in which car industry keeps improving as people are interested to take engineering seriously. Their local products of hybrid car can top the international brand. By some chances it is highly possible the local electric car in India will somehow gain international recognition.

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