New Electric Cars that Worth to Wait

Maybe in the past three or five years, there is always some reviewer who thought that every year is going to be the year of electric cars. Well, surprise-surprise, 2018 will be the ultimate year for electric and high-tech cars for the better future. Up until now the big guns of automobiles are innovating new ways of making cars more fuel economical, earth-friendly, and of course fancy to the core.  

Affordable Ones
In 2017, the electric car manufacturers are already solving up problems for the potential new electric cars buyers.The price has been lowered to be more affordable with top brands such Tesla with its futuristic design of Tesla Model 3 to cost for at least $ 35,000. Meanwhile, if you prefer a more family car, with a boxy design, you can look at KIA Soul EV with starting price of $ 31,950. It is equipped with DC fast charge technology that can be charged enough for just 30 minutes, and it is set under it the vehicle so that it can have more rooms for the passenger. For the small business owner or delivery services that are looking for more efficient and cheaper way to run their work, there is one van that can answer your problem.The Renault Kangoo ZE with a base price of $ 22,100, it has a large storage behind it and it can carry a payload for up to 1400 lbs. The cheapest compact city car ever, that can only fit four adults is Mahindra e2o. The Indian made electric cars is already sold internationally for its only $ 16,070. It is claimed to be the best affordable electric cars with European standard safety gear, and decent driving range for 80 miles. 

New 2018 Electric
Peeking the future, we may see some of the newest electric cars models have been leaked for 2018. Recently this November 2017, Lamborghini is now having a program with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to develop electric cars without batteries. The structure of LamborginiTerzoMillenio made from Carbon Nanotube that used supercapacitor that saves and releases energy in a different way than the battery. And the highly advanced hybrid car like Audi A8 is already on the market right now, and it has an amazing interior with exquisite features to spoil the users. Names like Nissan Leaf 2018, Hyundai Ioniq, and Toyota Prius, Porsche Mission E, Mercedes EQC, and more may join up the latest innovation of electric car as well in 2018.

And don’t you worry about the limited place where you charge your car, in Europe, the leading brands of automobiles are teaming up for the better future. They are getting ready for making 400 units of electric car recharging station all across Europe. So far IONITY joined venture company from BMW AG, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Co, Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche, this year will build 20 stations for the public in Germany, Norway, and Austria. The stations will be built for every 120 km, working together with minimarkets such as Circle K and OMV just like in any regular station. Probably in the near future, there won't be any regular gasoline station. New electric cars next year might change the today lifestyle, as we know it.

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